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Course #3: Leading Communities of Resistance

Our planet is dying, and we know the reason for it – industrial civilization is killing it. We need to resist the destruction, protect our land and life, and replace the toxic culture with land-based, just and sustainable forms. We need radical, oppositional Communities – CPR collectives. Such communities provide a fundamental unit of opposition, based on shared interests and identity, and/or a common landbase. Our resistance will be best served by wielding the power available to united collectives committed to each living members and all classes. The planet needs Protectors, Community Builders, and Community Leaders who commit to building cohesive collectives to resist toxicity and destruction and protect land and life.

Communities that Protect and Resist (CPR) – commissioned by DGR Asia-Pacific – is embarking on an effort to train, motivate and support activists to spread radical Community Building throughout the planet. Leading Communities of Resistance (LCOR) is a keystone development in that initiative. We invite activists to enroll in this offering.

For more on the requirements and structure of the course, check out LCOR brochure.

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